KINGDOM RESULTS Jesus compares the kingdom of God to “YEAST THAT A WOMAN MIXES INTO A BIG BOWL OF FLOUR TO MAKE BREAD. THE YEAST MAKES ALL THE DOUGH RISE” [Lk 13:21 ER]{Mt 13:33}. Jesus’ illustration with yeast relates to how a small amount of yeast mixes with all the flour causing the dough to rise and the bread to be light and better. In same way knowing “THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU” [Lk 17:21 NKJ], we realize that God’s kingdom affects us totally, making us a better person. The kingdom of God results in us having more “LOVE” [Jn 13:34], more “PEACE” [Jn 14:27], more willing to “FORGIVE” [Mt 6:14], more “JOY” [Jn 15:11], etc.  Is God’s kingdom in you? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures