GO TO HEAVEN As Jesus talks about people who will not get into heaven, He refers to the Jews who are rejecting Him, when He says, “HOW YOU WILL CRY AND GNASH YOUR TEETH WHEN YOU SEE ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB, AND ALL THE PROPHETS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD, WHILE YOU ARE THROWN OUT” [Lk 13:28 GN]. Jesus goes on to state that people will come from “ALL OVER THE WORLD TO TAKE THEIR PLACES” [Lk 13:29 TL]. Since at this time, all of Jesus’ followers were all Jewish, Jesus was definitely not referring to all Jews or all of God’s chosen people. As Jesus points out that only a “FEW” [Mt 7:14] will enter eternal life, we need to be concerned about being one of the few and not be concerned about who doesn’t make it. Are you going to heaven? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures