TURN FROM SIN OR DIE! From the beginning of His ministry Jesus encouraged people to repent or “TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SINS” [Mt 4:17 GN]. Most people who are exposed to Jesus teachings are aware that they are encouraged to turn away from their sins and many mistakenly think they only have to turn away from their sins before they die, in order to avoid eternal punishment. In reality, God can punish us at any time; He does not have to wait until we enter eternal life. Jesus referred to two current events His listeners were aware of, one involving killings by a political leader and the other involved many deaths when a tower fell on them, both of which apparently led to premature deaths. After assuring them that the people who died were not worse sinners than others, Jesus warned “IF YOU DO NOT TURN FROM YOUR SINS, YOU WILL ALL DIE AS THEY DID” [Lk 13:3,5 GN]. Yes, God can punish with sickness and premature death. Remember Jesus warns us to “BE AFRAID OF GOD, WHO CAN DESTROY BOTH BODY AND SOUL IN HELL” [Mt 10:28 GN]. To die prematurely because “YOU DO NOT TURN FROM YOUR SINS” may also have a negative effect on your eternal life. Do you turn from your sins? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures