FOCUS ON GOD Some Jewish religious leaders warned Jesus to leave the area because “Herod wants to kill you”. Jesus replied, “GO TELL THAT FOX, ‘I WILL KEEP ON DRIVING OUT DEMONS AND HEALING PEOPLE TODAY AND TOMORROW, AND ON THE THIRD DAY I WILL REACH MY GOAL’” [Lk 13:31-32 NI]. Jesus knew that Herod could kill Him and yet He did not fear him and even called him a “FOX”.  Jesus knew, as He told Pilate, that Herod “WOULD HAVE NO POWER OVER ME IF IT WERE NOT GIVEN TO YOU FROM ABOVE” [Jn 19:11 NI]. Jesus also knew He would die in “JERUSALEM” [Lk 13:33]. Jesus knew not to fear people who can only kill “THE BODY” [Mt 10:28]. Jesus was focused on doing what God wanted Him to do. Do you focus on what God wants? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures