YOU WILL BE REPAID Jesus talks about having “TREASURE IN HEAVEN” [Mk 10:21] and many wonder why would we need treasure in heaven, as just being with God and His son Jesus for eternity would seem like enough reward. One of the ways we develop treasure in heaven is by helping others who are unable to pay us back and Jesus assures us “GOD WILL REPAY YOU ON THE DAY THE GOOD PEOPLE RISE FROM DEATH” [Lk 14:14 GN] also referred to as “THE RESURRECTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS” [Lk 14:14 NI]. Being the son of God, Jesus knows about things we do not know but we can trust His advice and develop treasure in heaven. It is good to let God guide us on helping people in need, including those who can never pay us back. Do you help people in need? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures