GIVE UP EVERYTHING Jesus tells us, “YOU MUST GIVE UP EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ME” [Lk 14:33 IC]. For some whose possessions are more important than God, it may mean to give everything away. For others, it may mean to give up everything you have personally gained but not what you have received as a blessing from God. Others may have nothing except what God has blessed them. To be sure, seek God’s guidance on what to give up, especially things you haven’t used in a while. At another time Jesus stated, “IF ANYONE WANTS TO FOLLOW ME, HE MUST SAY "NO' TO THE THINGS HE WANTS. EVERY DAY HE MUST BE WILLING EVEN TO DIE ON A CROSS, AND HE MUST FOLLOW ME” [Lk 9:23 IC]. Following Jesus and doing what God wants requires a great effort. To “GIVE UP EVERYTHING YOU HAVE” may require giving up your opinions and intellectual skills, so you can be like our role model, Jesus, and be able to say, God told me “WHAT I MUST SAY” [Jn 12:49 GN] and what “I DO” [Jn 14:31]. Do you follow Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures