BE OPEN TO GOD After bring up the subject of religious laws about healing on the Sabbath, Jesus healed a man. Then to support that it is okay to do good on the Sabbath, Jesus asked “IF YOUR SON OR OX FALLS INTO A WELL, WOULDN’T YOU PULL HIM OUT RIGHT AWAY, EVEN ON THE SABBATH?” [Lk 14:5 CE] Of course, they would rescue their son or animal just like they would want a person healed. Although Jesus was speaking against Jewish manmade teachings, Christians also have lots of manmade teachings. To avoid manmade teachings in our church or favorite religion, seek God’s guidance by asking in Jesus name to be free of all manmade teachings. Then be open to God’s guidance, as some customs or teachings we love and enjoy and even may appear spiritually uplifting, may not be from God. Are you open to God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures