KEEP IN CONTACT WITH GOD! Jesus follows other stories about people who returned to God with a story of a son returning home and a father “HAD TO CELEBRATE AND BE HAPPY BECAUSE … HE WAS LOST, BUT NOW HE IS FOUND” Lk 15:32 IC. As Jesus tells this story about a son who had left home returning, it made sense to the people listening as there were no phones or mail and a person in that situation was truly “LOST” [Lk 15:24]. God allows us the choice to leave Him and be really lost with no contact. This is why if we know and/or love someone who has left God we need to keep them in our prayers, helping them stay in contact with God. No matter how sinful or evil a person has become they can still change their life and return to God.  Pray for those who need to return to God. Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures