DESIRE GOD Jesus pointed out, “GOD WANTED THE PEOPLE TO LIVE BY THE LAW OF MOSES AND THE WRITINGS OF THE PROPHETS. BUT EVER SINCE JOHN CAME, THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS BEING TOLD. NOW EVERYONE IS TRYING HARD TO GET INTO THE KINGDOM” [Lk 16:16 IC]{Mt 11:12}. As we learn about how wonderful the kingdom of God is, we want to make every effort to be in the kingdom of God. So that people would not misunderstand Jesus’ words about the law, He added, “EVEN THE SMALLEST PART OF A LETTER IN THE LAW CANNOT BE CHANGED. IT WOULD BE EASIER FOR HEAVEN AND EARTH TO PASS AWAY” [Lk 16:17 IC] and yet today some have made up teachings that we no longer have to follow the law. Most of Jesus’ teachings help us realize what good news God’s kingdom represents, including some reminding us that obeying God and His law are important. Do you want God’s kingdom? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures