GOD HELPS YOU HEAR! In Jesus’ story about Lazarus He stated some “WON'T LISTEN EVEN THOUGH SOMEONE RISES FROM THE DEAD”  [Lk 16:31 TL]. Miracles, teachings and events like people being raised from the dead will not always result in people turning to Jesus who says, “NO ONE CAN COME TO ME UNLESS THE FATHER WHO SENT ME DRAWS HIM” [Jn 6:44 NI]. To obey Jesus’ command to, “GO AND MAKE FOLLOWERS OF ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD … TEACH THEM TO OBEY EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE TOLD YOU” [Mt 28:19-20 IC] we need to obey Jesus command to be “WITNESSES” [Ac 1:8] for Jesus and follow His example and “PRAY” for everyone God has drawn to Jesus. Pray “FOR THOSE WHO WILL BELIEVE IN” [Jn 17:20 GN] Jesus and will “OBEY EVERYTHING” Jesus has commanded. Do you listen to Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures