RETURN WARNING Jesus warned His apprentices how things would be when He returns. Jesus referred to the days of Lot, with which His listeners were familiar and how people were going about their normal activities, such as “EATING AND DRINKING, BUYING AND SELLING, FARMING AND BUILDING” [Lk 17:28 TL]. But the day Lot left Sodom “FIRE AND BRIMSTONE RAINED DOWN FROM HEAVEN AND DESTROYED THEM ALL.  YES, IT WILL BE ‘BUSINESS AS USUAL’ RIGHT UP TO THE HOUR OF MY RETURN” [Lk 17:29-30 TL]. When Jesus returns, it will be a very difficult time, especially for most of the people in our evil world. It will be so bad, that Jesus tells us no one would survive except that God cut the time short to help “HIS SPECIAL PEOPLE WHOM HE HAS CHOSEN” [ Mk 13:20 IC]. Our world today is becoming more evil than what we know about Sodom. Are you ready for Jesus’ return? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures