YOU ARE CHOSEN! Jesus tells us that God will bring “JUSTICE FOR HIS CHOSEN ONES” [Lk 18:7 NI] which is the same Greek word for chosen used when He said “FEW ARE CHOSEN” [Mt 22:14]. Some churches have made up teachings that they are the chosen ones, as if Jesus was suggesting only certain people are chosen. To understand a Greek word used to translate Jesus words from Hebrew oral tradition, it is best to consider the Greek bible, the Septuagint, used like a dictionary by those who recorded Jesus words. The Greek word for chosen or elect, “eklektos”, was used in the Septuagint for many Hebrew words such as “bari” translated “sleek and fat” [Ge 41:2 NI] referring to the best cows, “bachuwr” translated “chosen” [Jdg 20:16 NI] because of their military value, “mibchar” translated “choicest” [Isa 22:7 NI] referring to valleys,  etc. Apparently Jesus was using a word that indicated some people are considered special. What makes them special in one teaching is people “WHO PLEAD WITH HIM DAY AND NIGHT” [Lk 18:7 TL]. These are people who follow Jesus’ teaching “CONTINUE TO ASK, AND GOD WILL GIVE TO YOU” [Mt 7:7 IC]. People who are special or chosen to God and to Jesus are people who love and obey Jesus, as Jesus tells us “IF YOU LOVE ME, YOU WILL OBEY WHAT I COMMAND” [Jn 14:15 NI]. Do you obey Jesus?   Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures