KEEP PRAYING! Jesus encourages persistence in dealing with God and tells us to “CONTINUE TO ASK, AND GOD WILL GIVE TO YOU” [Mt 7:7 IC].  How persistent should we be?  We certainly do not want to offend God. After a story encouraging persistence Jesus tells us to pray to God “DAY AND NIGHT” [Lk 18:7]. That is being persistent. To be the people who Jesus is referring to as God’s “ELECT” [Lk 18:7 NAS] or “CHOSEN ONES” [Lk 18:7 NI] who will benefit from “DAY AND NIGHT”  persistence we need to be sure we are asking in God’s will. If we are seeking healing from a pain in our leg, we may persist by praying every time we feel pain but be sure to not tell God how to heal, as He may want to guide us to receive medical assistance as part of the healing process. We know we are in God’s will when we seek help eliminating or overcoming sinful desires such as “SEXUAL IMMORALITY … ADULTERY… GREED” [Mt 7:21-22 NI] etc. Certainly we are not being God’s people if we are seeking to satisfy our greed. Some people claim to be celibate Gay or Homosexual Christians which would be as foolish as claiming to be a celibate Christian Adulterer.  If a person has fantasies and desires to commit adultery they are not celibate as Jesus tells us anyone who thinks or looks “WITH LUST HAS ALREADY COMMITTED ADULTERY” [Mt 5:28 NRS]. In the same way a person with homosexual or any perverted fantasies and desires is not celibate, as with their lusts they have already committed the sin in their heart. When we have evil desires of any kind, including “SEXUAL IMMORALITY … ADULTERY”, we need to persist in seeking God’s help in overcoming and being free from the evil desires. If in the past we have entertained or fantasized frequently about the desires, we may also need to use spiritual warfare in eliminating them. In persisting in our prayers to overcome evil desires we may pray “DAY AND NIGHT”  and we may also pray every time the enemy tries to reintroduce the evil desire in our mind and/or body. An offer: If you have a concern that is so important or serious that you are praying “DAY AND NIGHT”, we will also pray with you for the concern and you may prefer to + Join JESUS prayer group so others can agree in prayer with you. Do you pray continually?                           Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures click to continue teaching