OBEY JESUS BY REMEMBERING HIM! Apparently people in the early church considered it important to remember Jesus daily [Ac 2:46]. Over the years soon people were complaining (in historical documents) that people were only remembering Jesus this way once a month and then some less frequently. Remembering Jesus by taking the bread to remember His body and the cup of the fruit of the vine to remember His blood is one of the few specific church related commands Jesus gave us  when He  told us to “DO THIS TO REMEMBER ME” [Lk 22:19 IC]{1 Co 11:24,25}. . Some developed a manmade doctrine to scare people away by suggesting a person might be unworthy to remember Jesus. Jesus never suggested such an idea. Some also make up teachings to prevent children from remembering Jesus with the bread and the cup even though Jesus clearly stated “LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME, AND DO NOT FORBID THEM” [Lk 18:16 NKJ].  Be encouraged to obey Jesus and remember Him the way He said, as often as possible.  Do you remember Jesus with the bread and the cup frequently? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures