SERVE TO BE GREAT It appears to be a common trait of people that many want to be considered greater than others. However Jesus communicates that to be the greatest of people who follow Jesus, we must be "THE SERVANT OF ALL" [Mk 9:35]. Jesus uses a little child and says to be the greatest is "THE ONE WHO MAKES HIMSELF HUMBLE LIKE THIS CHILD" [Mt 18:4 IC].  Another illustration Jesus uses is that the person who eats at the table is considered greater than the one who serves the food then stating "BUT I AM AMONG YOU AS ONE WHO SERVES" [Lk 22:27 NI]. In an eating place the server is never considered the greatest yet the server works for the boss of the place. If the person at the table tells the server to shine his shoes, the server might say "no, my boss told me to just serve food". When Jesus uses Himself as an example "AS ONE WHO SERVES", He still does only what God has "TOLD ME TO DO" [Jn 14:31]. When we are the greatest serving others, we serve out of obedience to God. Do you serve God by serving others? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures