SUBMIT TOTALLY TO GOD! A few hours before Jesus’ crucifixion, Jesus our role model was asking God if there was a less painful way and then said “BUT DO WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT I WANT” [Lk 22:42 IC]{Mt 26:39}{Mk 14:36}. Jesus teaches us to “DENY” [Lk 9:23] ourselves daily and to put first “DOING WHAT GOD WANTS”  [Mt 7:21 IC]. For many it can be difficult putting aside what we want and doing what God wants. Jesus not only teaches we should put God first but also lives the way He teaches.  Jesus also puts God first in what God wants Him to “SAY” and to “DO” [Jn 12:49; 14:31].  As a teacher, Jesus practices what he teaches.  Jesus teaches we should “FORGIVE” [Mt 6:14] others and we find Jesus practicing forgiveness.  Yes we should do what Jesus tells us to do by His words and by His example. Seek to know what God wants so we can do what God wants in every situation.  Are you totally submitted to God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures