PRAY FOR SINNERS! Jesus was executed with two bad men. One was unrepentant and one believed in Jesus and knew he had done wrong.  Jesus told the bad believer who knew he had done wrong, “TODAY YOU WILL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE” [Lk 23:43 NKJ]. Paradise is a wonderful place where the “TREE OF LIFE” [Rev 2:7] is located.  Usually we learn from Jesus by His words but this is a time we can learn by His example. We all encounter people who are sinners and do wrong. Many times we care about the person doing wrong and want to help them. Jesus was being crucified with a bad man who did not care about his sins. The other man was convicted of his sins and reached out to Jesus. Jesus only helped the person who was convicted of his sins. Unless God tells you to, it is better to not try to help people except by prayer who appear to not realize they are sinners. Jesus tells us God’s spirit will “CONVICT THE WORLD OF SIN” [Jn 16:8 NKJ] not us. If a person is not convicted of their sins, if they do not realize they are sinners, if they are not broken from their sinful ways, we should not try to fix them by assuming the role of God’s spirit and convincing them they are sinners. Better to not try to fix what is not broken. If we care about someone, pray for them and let God convict them of their sins. Do you want to help people turn to God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures