JESUS’ MAIN LANGUAGE WAS HEBREW Jesus read in Hebrew from the Hebrew bible from Isaiah that God “HAS ANOINTED ME TO PREACH GOOD NEWS” [Lk 4:18 NI]. There was definitely not even a hint of needing to translate it into Aramaic for His listeners. Some have suggested an anti-Jewish opinion that Jesus main language was Aramaic.  Jesus is a Hebrew speaking Jew born in Israel to a Jewish mother, who was an observant Jew (Lk 2:4-41). In the stories recorded about Jesus, the word Aramaic is not even mentioned but Hebrew is mentioned 5 times (Lk 23:38; Jn 5:2; 19:13, 17, 20) in the majority of Greek manuscripts. Paul even tells how, after Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus spoke to him in Hebrew (Ac 26:14). Also, in the Aramaic translation of the Bible (aka The Syriac Vulgate or the Peshitta) the word Hebrew, not Aramaic, is found in the same 8 scriptures. When Jesus was 12, it is recorded in Luke 2:41-52 that He spent significant time in the Temple with Jewish religious teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. It is valid to believe that religious teachers, especially at the Temple, would discuss the Hebrew Scriptures only in Hebrew.  A transliteration of an Aramaic word in the bible would further support its uniqueness, as the writers of the gospel recorded words in Greek, from Hebrew oral tradition decades after Jesus originally spoke the words in Hebrew. Jesus knows, to say Jesus’ main language was Aramaic is a lie! Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures