PROCLAIM GOOD NEWS Jesus ministered to people in a town and the next day, they tried to get Jesus to stay in their town. Jesus' response was "I MUST PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD TO THE OTHER TOWNS ALSO, BECAUSE THAT IS WHY I WAS SENT" [Lk 4:43 NI]{Mk 1:38}. The good news includes "THOSE WHO HEAR MY WORDS AND BELIEVE IN HIM WHO SENT ME HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. THEY WILL NOT BE JUDGED" [Jn 5:24 GN]. If we obey Jesus and believe in God, we have eternal life. The good news includes, "IF YOU FORGIVE OTHERS FOR THE THINGS THEY DO WRONG, THEN YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL ALSO FORGIVE YOU FOR THE THINGS YOU DO WRONG" [Mt 6:14 IC]. Jesus proclaims good news. Do you like Jesus' good news? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures