CAME FOR REPENTERS In response to criticism for being around known sinners, Jesus stated "I HAVE COME TO CALL NOT THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE RIGHTEOUS, BUT THOSE WHO KNOW THEY ARE SINNERS AND NEED TO REPENT" [Lk 5:32 NL]{Mt 9:13}{Mk 2:27}. One time Jesus told a story about a man who was considered righteous, that was so full of the sin of pride he prayed "GOD, I THANK YOU THAT I AM NOT LIKE OTHER MEN" [Lk 18:11 NL]. Yes, we are wasting our time, if we try convince people who consider themselves righteous, that they need to turn from their sins. Remember Jesus example when He hung on the cross with two criminals. Jesus only reached out to the one who was broken and knew he had done wrong. We cannot fix what is not broken. Are you aware of your sins? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures