POOR FOLLOWERS BLEST After coming down from the mountain to the flat land, Jesus was teaching His apprentices and a large group of followers. Looking at His apprentices Jesus stated, "GOD WILL BLESS YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE POOR. HIS KINGDOM BELONGS TO YOU" [Lk 6:20 CE]. Many of the people who come to Jesus, including some of His apprentices may be poor. Remember one of His apprentices, Peter, said to Jesus "We have left everything to follow you" [Mk 10:28 NI], which could make them temporarily poor. Be careful to not think just being poor entitles blessings but rather being poor followers will result in God's kingdom. Poor followers can find comfort from Jesus word's, "PUT GOD’S WORK FIRST AND DO WHAT HE WANTS. THEN THE OTHER THINGS WILL BE YOURS AS WELL" [Mt 6:33 CE].  Do you do what God wants? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures