LET GOD GUIDE As Jesus was teaching "LOVE YOUR ENEMIES" [Lk 6:27 GN] to people in the flat lands, He proceeded to use some extreme examples of responses to enemies. For example, Jesus suggested if a person hits you on one cheek "LET HIM HIT THE OTHER ONE TOO" or if some takes your coat "LET HIM HAVE YOUR SHIRT AS WELL" [Lk 6:29 GN]. When Jesus teaches "GIVE TO EVERYONE WHO ASKS YOU FOR SOMETHING", it could appear to be an act of generosity but they could also be an enemy, if their asking led to you being homeless or without transportation to get to work, etc. And Jesus' final extreme example of treating your enemy with love is "WHEN SOMEONE TAKES WHAT IS YOURS, DO NOT ASK FOR IT BACK" [Lk 6:30 GN].  Jesus reminds, it is not easy to treat your enemies with love. Remember Jesus, our example, says God guided Him on what to "DO" [Jn 14:31]. Seek God's guidance on each specific response of love to an enemy. Definitely God does not want us to retaliate. God may want you to live in poverty however if God recently blessed you with a place to live, He may not want you to give it away or allow it to be taken away. Does God guide you? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures