BE GOOD TO ENEMIES Jesus uses a series of illustrations such as if you love those who love you or are good to those who are good to you or lend to those who will pay you back, with the conclusion each time that it is not a big deal because "EVEN SINNERS DO THAT" [Lk 6:32-34 NI]. Jesus goes on to say "SO LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. DO GOOD TO THEM ... YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT REWARD ... BECAUSE GOD IS KIND EVEN TO PEOPLE WHO ARE UNGRATEFUL AND FULL OF SIN" [Lk 6:35 IC]. Often people resent that God is kind to people who are ungrateful and are sinners yet Jesus reveals to us that is part of God's nature. Jesus encourages us to be good to people who are ungrateful, who are sinners, even enemies.  Are you good to enemies?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures