CHECK YOURSELF One of the teachings Jesus made involved "WHY DO YOU NOTICE THE LITTLE PIECE OF DUST THAT IS IN YOUR BROTHER’S EYE, BUT YOU DON’T SEE THE BIG PIECE OF WOOD THAT IS IN YOUR OWN EYE?" [Lk 6:41IC]{Mt 7:3}. Apparently Jesus was referring to a concern for someone we care about, as Jesus teaches us to not "JUDGE" [Lk 6:37] others. Jesus goes on to teach, if you want to remove the dust from your brother's eye without first removing the wood from your own eye, you are a "HYPOCRITE" [Lk 6:42].  The best way to be sure in any situation is to seek God's guidance first, including self concerns or needs. Do you check yourself?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures