READY TO SERVE There is a beautiful story with eye witness details, such as the name of the town and telling how Jesus and His apprentices were walking toward the town gate, when they saw a large crowd carrying a dead body, which was the only son of a widow woman. Jesus was sad for the mother telling her “DON’T CRY”, He stopped the funeral procession and told the dead son "YOUNG MAN, I TELL YOU, GET UP!" [Lk 7:13-14 IC], then the son came back to life, sat up and started talking. All the people started praising God, calling Jesus "a great prophet" (not knowing Jesus was the son of God) and saying "God is taking care of His people" [Lk 7:16 IC]. People understood that God was working through Jesus. Jesus was ready to serve God, by raising a young man from the dead. Are you ready to serve God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures