NO DOUBTS During John the baptizer's ministry, God revealed to John that Jesus is "THE LAMB OF GOD" [Jn 1:36], resulting in people who heard this, to start following Jesus. Unfortunately, John continued his ministry, instead of following Jesus. After a while, John had doubts and sent some people to ask Jesus, if He was the one who "was going to come, or should we expect someone else"?  Jesus response was "GO BACK AND TELL JOHN WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN AND HEARD" [Lk 7:20-22 GN]{Mt 11:4} and then mentioned His miracles and ministry. John's doubts and failure to follow Jesus contributed to Jesus stating "THE ONE WHO IS LEAST IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS GREATER THAN JOHN" [Lk 7:29 GN]. We need to follow Jesus and not have doubts. Jesus states, "HOW HAPPY ARE THOSE WHO HAVE NO DOUBTS ABOUT ME" [Lk 7:23 GN]. Do you have no doubts about Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures