HAVE JESUS POLITICALLY CORRECT RESPONSE! One time Jesus had dinner with some religious men. A woman who was a known “sinner” [Lk 7:37 KJ] came in because of Jesus being there and stood behind His feet crying and showing Him love. The politically correct response to a “prostitute” [Lk 7:37 TL] varies by communities. In some communities the men with a knowing smile will look the other way as they privately enjoy helping her be a sinner. In other communities the politically correct response is to speak bad to her and tell her what a sinner she is, forgetting that God’s spirit will “CONVICT”  [Jn 16:8 NKJ] people of sin. In other communities the politically correct responses is to make laws and punish such sinners. Seeing she was convicted of her sins, Jesus politically correct response was to say “YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN” [Lk 7:48]. Jesus our role model leads us to show love and forgiveness. Do you treat others Jesus’ politically correct way with love and forgiveness? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW  go to http://www.jesusworldview.net/ Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures