TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THE DEVIL! Jesus told a story about a person that sowed seeds and then explained “THIS IS WHAT THE STORY MEANS: THE SEED IS GOD'S TEACHING. WHAT IS THE SEED THAT FELL BESIDE THE ROAD? IT IS LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO HEAR GOD'S TEACHING, BUT THEN THE DEVIL COMES AND TAKES IT AWAY FROM THEIR HEARTS. SO THEY CANNOT BELIEVE THE TEACHING AND BE SAVED” [Lk 8:12 IC]{Mt 13:19}{Mk 4:15}. We may share God’s teachings, which includes Jesus’ teachings as Jesus tells us God told Him what to “SAY” [Jn 12:49], with many people we care about.  As we do not want the devil to steal the teachings from them, it can be good to teach them initially about spiritual warfare and how we can use Jesus “NAME” [Mk 16:17] against the devil. Also, as we pray for them to believe God’s teaching we can take authority over the devil for them. Do you resist the devil? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures