HEAR AND OBEY GOD! Early in Jesus’ ministry when people were criticizing Him, Jesus’ family “went to get Him because people were saying that Jesus was out of His mind” [Mk 3:21 IC]. After being told His mother and brothers were there to see Him, Jesus responded “MY MOTHER AND BROTHERS ARE THOSE WHO HEAR THE WORD OF GOD AND OBEY IT” [Lk 8:21 GN]{Mt 12:50}{Mk 3:35}. If we obey God, Jesus is our brother. We cannot obey God if we do not hear Him, which is more than someone telling us what to obey or reading to us what God says in the bible. Yes, it is good to obey what we read in the bible that God teaches and what He told Jesus to say but also God is alive and we need to listen to Him and obey Him in every way. Do you obey God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures