GIVE BY SERVING Most of the time we learn from Jesus by what He says, although we also can learn from Jesus by what He did. He occasionally ate in people’s homes. Apparently as Jesus and His twelve apprentices traveled from town to town telling the good news, there were women traveling with them, looking after them and providing for them. "These women used their own money to help Jesus and His apostles" [Lk 8:3 IC]. One time an old movie about Jesus showed women cooking for them. In addition to women ministering, such as the woman who told people in her village about Jesus [Jn 4:39] and the woman who was first the announce Jesus' resurrection [Jn 20:17], women provided for and served Jesus and His apprentices, so they could focus on ministry. Jesus encourages us to "GIVE" [Lk 6:38] and to follow His example by being "ONE WHO SERVES" [Lk 22:27]. Do you give by serving? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures