FOLLOW JESUS! Jesus invited a man to follow him and the man responded that first he wanted to bury his father. Jesus responded “ALLOW THE DEAD TO BURY THEIR OWN DEAD” Lk 9:60 NAS{Mt 8:22}. Most societies in the world have ways of showing respect, grieving for and/or honoring their dead. Jesus’ response appears to most of us insensitive to the man’s request. Jesus goal is not to please people but God who guided Jesus on what to “SAY” Jn 12:49.  Remember God told us that His ways are “HIGHER THAN YOUR WAYS” Is 55:9. Jesus’ focus is on our eternal life not on our dead bodies. Jesus tells us that if we believe in Him we will continue to “LIVE” [Jn 11:25] when our bodies die. We need to obey Jesus who tells us “WHOEVER OBEYS MY TEACHING WILL NEVER DIE” Jn 8:51 GN.   Do you obey Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures