FEAR GOD! Jesus says, “DON'T BE AFRAID OF THOSE WHO CAN KILL ONLY YOUR BODIES … FEAR ONLY GOD WHO CAN DESTROY BOTH SOUL AND BODY IN HELL”  [Mt 10:28 TL] {Lk 12:4-5}. Most people fear bad people who can kill them. Most people fear death, even those who believe in God and look forward to being in heaven with God and Jesus after they die. Jesus reveals that God compliments people who “DID NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES SO MUCH THAT THEY WERE AFRAID OF DEATH” [Rev 12:11 IC].  Jesus encourages us to “NOT BE AFRAID OF THOSE WHO KILL THE BODY BUT CANNOT KILL THE SOUL” [Mt 10:28 NI] yet most of us find that difficult. For most of us to have that level of fear and trust in God we need God’s help. Even with God’s help we may not be sure until we are faced with obeying God and losing our life on earth. Be encouraged to have Jesus’ “PEACE”  and “NOT BE WORRIED” or “AFRAID” [Jn 14:27 GN]. Do you only fear God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures