DON’T MESS WITH GOD! People prefer to talk about how “GOD LOVED THE WORLD” [Jn 3:16] and ignore that Jesus also teaches us to “FEAR … GOD” [Mt 10:28 TL]{Lk 12:5}. How should we fear God? Jesus told a man who was recently healed “STOP SINNING OR SOMETHING WORSE MAY HAPPEN TO YOU” [Jn 5:14 NI]. Yes, God can and does punish people for sinning and punishment can include sickness or even worse. Many people that encourage healing do not like to admit that God can punish with sickness yet the simple solution is to encourage turning away from sin as part of the healing process. Unfortunately people want God to heal them without changing their life style including their sin life.  Fear God and “STOP SINNING”. Jesus told a story about a man who was unforgiving resulting in severe physical punishment concluding the story with the statement “SO SHALL MY HEAVENLY FATHER DO TO YOU IF YOU REFUSE TO TRULY FORGIVE YOUR BROTHER” [Mt 18:35 TL]. Forgiveness is required and unforgiveness can result in punishment by God. Fear God and “FORGIVE”. Can God punish physically?  Yes, He may use others or what may look like a person tripped and fell can be realized by the guilty person that God knocked them to the ground.  Jesus once told a person God knocked to the ground “YOU ARE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF BY FIGHTING ME” [Ac 26:14 IC]. To the fool who does not believe in God, fearing God’s punishment seems horrible. To the person who loves God, respecting their heavenly Father who may discipline them to help them improve or correct their mistakes, discipline is a welcome act of love. Do you respect God? click to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures