MINISTER FOR FREE As Jesus instructed His apprentices in ministry, He told them to tell people the Kingdom of God is near and “HEAL THE SICK, BRING THE DEAD BACK TO LIFE, HEAL THOSE WHO SUFFER FROM DREADED SKIN DISEASES, AND DRIVE OUT DEMONS. YOU HAVE RECEIVED WITHOUT PAYING, SO GIVE WITHOUT BEING PAID” [Mt 10:8 GN]. It is sad that many in ministry today have developed wording to manipulate people into giving money and making them think it will help their healing. One of the popular statements is “plant a seed for your need”. It is sad to make people think God needs their money for their healing or deliverance or even to help a love one have eternal life. It is also sad that these false ministers are stupid enough to think their use of the money will justify the deception, while they risk their eternal life by their conduct. Do you minister for free? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures