DAY OF REST When Jesus tells us He did not speak on His own but that God told Him what to “SAY” [Jn 12:49], we learn that what Jesus teaches can give us greater understanding about what God teaches.  One time some people were trying to trap Jesus concerning manmade rules about work on the day of rest, also called by the Jewish word, Sabbath. Jesus pointed out that their rules allowed them to help an animal on the day of rest and then compared “HOW MUCH MORE VALUABLE IS A PERSON THAN A SHEEP! YES, IT IS RIGHT TO DO GOOD ON THE SABBATH” [Mt 12:12 TL]. God declared that “THE SEVENTH DAY IS A DAY OF REST DEDICATED TO ME” [Ex 20:10 GN]. Jesus sets us free from manmade rules about the day of rest by informing us “IT IS RIGHT TO DO GOOD ON THE SABBATH” and that “THE SABBATH WAS MADE TO BENEFIT MAN, AND NOT MAN TO BENEFIT THE SABBATH”  [Mk 2:27 TL]. Although some of the first followers of Jesus may have followed the Jewish custom and met to worship “on the Sabbath day” [Lk 4:16 NI], others met on the day Jesus rose from the dead, the first day of the week or Sunday, “On the first day of the week we came together to break bread” [Ac 20:7 NI]. There is a man of God that was told by God years ago to take Tuesday, as his day of rest. God wants us to have a day of rest dedicated to Him for our benefit. Seek God’s guidance as to the day He prefers for you to rest. Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures