FOLLOW JESUS TO GOD! Jesus reminds people how a Queen traveled a great distance to hear their wisest King and then referring to Himself criticizes them saying, “GREATER THAN SOLOMON IS HERE--AND YOU REFUSE TO BELIEVE HIM” [Mt 12:42 TL]{Lk 11:31}. We live in a world today with enormous intellectual advancements in every area. People are educated to believe things happened without God and many openly believe God does not exist. Many will never discover the truth unless God “DRAWS” [Jn 6:44] them to Jesus. Rather than argue with people who may not realize they are wrong until they enter eternity on the bad side, it is better to pray for them and for God to guide them. Just like in the days Jesus walked the earth, miracles will not change people's thinking without God’s help. Jesus has the greatest wisdom in the history of mankind because He follows God’s guidance giving Him access to God’s wisdom. Does God guide you?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures