OLD AND NEW TEACHINGS After teaching about God’s kingdom and being assured by His apprentices that they understood, Jesus stated “SO EVERY TEACHER OF THE LAW WHO HAS LEARNED ABOUT GOD’S KINGDOM HAS SOME NEW THINGS TO TEACH”  [Mt 13:52 ER]. Jesus went on to mention that those who have been teaching from the bible, now have more to teach both “FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT AS WELL AS FROM THE NEW”  [Mt 13:52 TL]. Some religions have a manmade opinion claiming they only teach from the New Testament, referring to themselves as a ‘New Testament church’ and ignoring that Jesus quoted almost 100 times from the Old Testament from 21 different books. Do you teach from the whole bible? Jesus knows, ‘New Testament church’ is a lie! Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures