JESUS CAME FOR JEWS Jesus was trying to explain to a non-Jewish woman, who wanted help for her daughter, why He could not help her when He said, “I WAS SENT TO HELP THE JEWS--THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL” [Mt 15:24 TL]. (note: she persisted and Jesus did help her)  God sent Jesus initially for His chosen people, the Jews. Yes, frequently Jesus criticized Jewish religious leaders and their manmade teachings, even suggesting that some might not have eternal life. Yes, Jesus did accurately predict the destruction of the second Temple [Lk 21:6] and the punishment of the Jewish people [Lk 11:51] which apparently included an exile of 1878 years from the Promised Land. Jesus also shared Daniel’s prophecy [Mt 24:15] which indicated the restoration of the children of Israel and the rebuilding of the Temple.  Jesus focus was so strong on helping the Jews that after He finished his ministry on earth, His disciples and the leaders of the early church for about ten years thought that only Jews could follow Jesus, until God intervened with Peter and Jewish believers realized that “God is allowing the non-Jewish people also to turn to Him” [Ac 11:18 IC].  Jesus was born and raised a Jew and was sent by God to help Jewish people. Jesus, a descendant of Abraham, said “ABRAHAM REJOICED TO SEE MY DAY” Jn 8:56 TL as God had told Abraham “ALL THE PEOPLE ON EARTH WILL BE BLESSED THROUGH YOU” [Ge 12:3 IC] and now Jesus, starting with the Jews, became a blessing to the whole world. Are you glad God sent Jesus? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW go to             Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures