PERSISTENT HEALING There is a beautiful story of a non-Jewish mother who came to Jesus. She knew Hebrew that Jesus spoke, knew that Jesus could heal her daughter and that Jesus was the “Son of David” [Mt 15:22], probably from domestic employment in Jewish homes.  In response to her persistence, Jesus explained “GOD ONLY SENT ME TO THE JEWS, THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL” [Mt 15:24 ET]. After she continued to persist, Jesus suggested smiling “IT DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT TO GIVE THE CHILDREN’S FOOD TO THEIR PUPPY” [Mt 15:26 ET]{Mk 7:27}. She cheerfully responded, “Yes, it is right, because puppies are allowed to eat crumbs from their master’s table”. With a great big smile Jesus said “WOW, YOUR FAITH IS AWESOME, I WILL DO WHAT YOU ASKED ME TO DO” [Mt 15:27-28 ET] and her daughter was healed. Persistence often takes strong faith. Do you persist in faith? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures