GOD’S GUIDANCE After Peter responded to Jesus you are “the Son of the living God” [Mt 16:16], Jesus excitedly stated this was revealed to you “BY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN” [Mt 16:17]. Then Jesus stated “YOU ARE PETER (WHICH MEANS ‘ROCK’), AND UPON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH, AND ALL THE POWERS OF HELL WILL NOT CONQUER IT” [Mt 16:18 NL]. Although Peter’s conduct during Jesus ministry might make him seem unlikely to lead Jesus’ church, the man Peter, who spoke what God revealed to him, was a great leader. On the day of Pentecost his preaching resulted in over 3,000 people following Jesus [Ac 2:41]. Around ten years later, God’s guidance to Peter resulted in non-Jews becoming followers of Jesus [Ac 10:34-48]. Peter, being open and obedient to God’s guidance, resulted in people following Jesus. Does God guide you?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures