SAY WHAT PLEASES GOD! As a follower of Jesus we have opportunities to please God and opportunities to please people. It is wonderful when we can do both for example when Jesus encourages us to “FORGIVE OTHERS”  [Mt 6:14 GN] or “DO FOR OTHERS” [Lk 6:31 GN], etc we can please God by obeying Jesus and please people by forgiving them or doing for them.  Unfortunately there are times we have to choose. People like to sin and have their sins considered okay but Jesus chooses to please God when He said, “SIN NO MORE” [Jn 8:11 NKJ], which may not always please sinners. Religious leaders in Jesus’ day, just like some today, love to be admired and be popular yet Jesus pleased God when He called them “HYPOCRITES” [Mt 23:13]. When Peter said words some might consider supportive, Jesus responded “GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU SATAN! YOU ARE A DANGEROUS TRAP TO ME. YOU ARE THINKING MERELY FROM A HUMAN POINT OF VIEW, AND NOT FROM GOD'S” [Mt 16:22-23 TL]{Mk 8:33}. Jesus our role model showed us a simple way to please God when He shared “I DID NOT SPEAK OF MY OWN ACCORD, BUT THE FATHER WHO SENT ME COMMANDED ME WHAT TO SAY AND HOW TO SAY IT” [Jn 12:49 NI]. We can follow Jesus example and please God by seeking His guidance on what we say.  Do you say what pleases God?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures