WORSHIP GOD IN CHURCH WEEKLY! Jesus paid the tax “SO THAT WE MAY NOT OFFEND THEM” Mt 17:27 (NI). Many who follow Jesus disagree with some of their religious leaders. Jesus disagreed strongly with many Jewish religious leaders in the time He walked the earth and often was outspoken  in His disagreement yet He still paid the money they requested and He still worshiped God every week  in their house of worship [Lk 4:16]. Jesus had Peter go and catch a fish and the money for their manmade religious support was in the mouth of the fish (apparently God told Jesus where to find the money after God arranged for the fish to get the money). The example Jesus, our role model, gave us was “I DO EXACTLY WHAT MY FATHER HAS COMMANDED ME” [Jn 14:31 NI]. Let God guide you in everything you say and do, including not being offensive.  Do you avoid offending others?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures