CHILDREN ARE IMPORTANT! Jesus says, “DON'T THINK THESE LITTLE CHILDREN ARE WORTH NOTHING. I TELL YOU THAT THEY HAVE ANGELS IN HEAVEN WHO ARE ALWAYS WITH MY FATHER IN HEAVEN” [Mt 18:10 IC].  Cultures around the world vary on the way people treat children. Some have such strong discipline that the children are seen but not heard while on the other extreme some discourage discipline at home and at school, where discipline is left up to the police when they are grown.   We need to respect children because they are created in God’s “IMAGE” [Ge 1:26 NI] just like us and as Jesus informs us they have angels that see God’s “FACE” [Mt 18:10 NI].  Children are important! We need to seek God’s guidance in every way on how to treat children He created in His image. Do you value children?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures