FORGIVENESS REQUIRED! Jesus told a story about a person who was forgiven and then acted with unforgiveness resulting in his punishment saying, “THIS KING DID WHAT MY HEAVENLY FATHER WILL DO TO YOU IF YOU DO NOT FORGIVE YOUR BROTHER FROM YOUR HEART” [Mt 18:35 IC]. Most people consider forgiveness optional. When Jesus tells us “IF YOU DO NOT FORGIVE MEN THEIR SINS, YOUR FATHER WILL NOT FORGIVE YOUR SIN” [Mt 6:15 NI], most consider the only risk is they might not be forgiven and there are plenty of manmade teachings that suggest we will be forgiven any way or are already forgiven.  However with this story, Jesus communicates that if we do not truly forgive someone, we can be subject to major punishment NOW! As Jesus has been given authority to “JUDGE” [Jn 5:27], it is better to forgive others than to risk being punished. Do you forgive everyone? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures