TURN TO GOD Jesus told a teaching story about God’s kingdom. A man hired people to work in his vineyard for all day, hired more several times in the middle of the day and for the last hour of the day. Then he paid them all the same amount promised the people who worked all day, who complained that the people worked only one hour got the same amount. Then the man in the story responded, “DON'T I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO AS I WISH WITH MY OWN MONEY? OR ARE YOU JEALOUS BECAUSE I AM GENEROUS?” [Mt 20:15 GN]. Relating to God’s kingdom, a person spends their whole life serving God may be rewarded “ACCORDING TO HIS WORKS” [Mt 16:27 NKJ] equal to a person doing the same works for only half their life or even a person who starts doing God’s work at the end of their life.  Never too late to turn to God. Have you turned to God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures