YOU ARE CALLED TO SERVE GOD, NOT CHRISTIANITY! Jesus tells us “MANY ARE CALLED, BUT FEW CHOSEN” [Mt 20:16 NKJ]. (note: some modern translations incorrectly omit this verse even though it is found in the majority of the Greek texts and only include it in Mt 22:14) Yes, many wonderful people who love Jesus and His Father “ARE CALLED” to work for or serve God and including some who are guided to spend years in training and preparation for ministry. Unfortunately the training many receive includes the manmade teachings of their particular Christian church where they make them “TWICE AS DESERVING OF GOING TO HELL AS YOU YOURSELVES ARE” [Mt 23:15 GN]. Some receive biblical education including Paul’s writings which are mostly the personal “opinion” [1 Co 7:25 NAS] of Paul. Some even use an incorrectly translated quote from Paul to develop a manmade teaching that every word in the bible comes from God, even though it is usually clear in the bible when God said it or when Jesus said it. To know what is not a personal “opinion” of Paul it is good to follow the example of the Bereans who “examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true” [Ac 17:11 NI]. If his statements agree with what God or Jesus teach, then it is not just Paul’s personal “opinion”.  Only Jesus tells us God told Him “WHAT TO SAY AND WHAT TO TEACH” [Jn 12:49 IC]. If you are called by God, seek to know everything Jesus teaches by words and example. Then evaluate your church teachings by Jesus.  For some it can be helpful to learn Greek that Jesus’ words were first translated into and Hebrew, the language Jesus spoke, so you will not be at the mercy of the translators.  Are you called by God?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures