LIVE RIGHT After trapping Jewish religious leaders who questioned Jesus’s authority with a question about John the baptizer’s authority, Jesus told them a teaching story about a man with two sons. The first son repented and obeyed his father while the second son disobeyed. After the religious leaders choose the first son as being obedient, Jesus stated, “YOU ARE WORSE THAN THE TAX COLLECTORS AND THE PROSTITUTES. IN FACT, THEY WILL ENTER GOD’S KINGDOM BEFORE YOU ENTER”  [Mt 21:31 ER].  Reminding them that John showed them the right way to live and obey, yet they did not believe, while the known sinners believed and repented. Then reminding the religious leaders, they saw the sinners change and still did not repent and obey God. Do you live the right way? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures