DO WHAT GOD WANTS Jesus told a teaching story or parable to some Jewish religious leaders  about a landowner who rented a vineyard to some farmers with the understanding they would share the crop. Several times He sent people to collect His share and the farmers mistreated them and did not share. Then He sent His son and they killed Him. So the landowner went and killed the farmers and found some other farmers to rent to, who would do what the landowner wants.  Then Jesus said "THE KINGDOM OF GOD WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU. IT WILL BE GIVEN TO PEOPLE WHO DO THE THINGS GOD WANTS IN HIS KINGDOM" [Mt 21:43 IC]. To the Jewish religious leaders listening, this was a message and a prophecy as a few years later they were wiped out along with the Temple and Jews were exiled from the promised land for 1,878 years. Meanwhile,  the Jewish and non-Jew followers of Jesus increased and grew in numbers around the world. The kingdom was taken away from the people Jesus was speaking to but not all of God's chosen people or Jews, as God has restored some, as many are now back in the promised land with the country Israel. Do you obey God and do what God wants? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures