LET GOD GUIDE YOU! Jesus understood and experienced God’s guidance in every way as God guided Him in what to “SAY” [Jn 12:49] and what to “DO”  [Jn 14:31]. Jesus knew when David was being guided by God’s spirit, THEN WHY DOES DAVID, SPEAKING UNDER THE INSPIRATION OF THE SPIRIT …” [Mt 22:43 NL]{Mk 12:36}.  The same guidance Jesus had from God’s spirit is available for each of us and God's spirit WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH” [Jn 16:12 KJ]. Many want this guidance and yet have difficulty in experiencing God’s guidance because there are so many manmade teachings and doctrines about the subject and receiving God’s spirit, people are confused.  Jesus makes it simple as He tells us God will give His spirit “TO THOSE WHO ASK HIM” [Lk 11:13]. Does God's spirit guide you?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures