BE OBEDIENT TO GOD! When God said, “BRING ALL THE TITHES INTO THE STOREHOUSE” [Mal 3:10 NKJ], He was not suggesting you could give money or some of the money to a person in need or another ministry or any place other than the place where He has for you to serve and worship Him and receive ministry and call it a tithe.  Yes, many in ministry would like to steal your tithes and some of you would like to justify keeping your tithes or using it for your own personal purposes. God refers to this as “YOU ROB ME” [Mal 3:8]. Jesus teaches, “YES, YOU SHOULD TITHE, BUT YOU SHOULDN'T LEAVE THE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS UNDONE.”  [Mt 23:23 TL]{Lk 11:42}.  Also, Jesus responds to people who tithe and feel that tithing excuses them from obeying God in other ways, such as by ignoring “JUSTICE AND MERCY AND FAITH” [Mt 23:23 TL].  Pray for God to guide you in what He wants in everything you do. Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures